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Our holistic medicine center allows your body and mind to naturally heal from your chronic symptoms.


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Our treatments

As the oldest and leading discipline in complementary medicine, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) encompasses evidence-based techniques that activate your body's awareness and self-healing capabilities.

Main symptom categories

Mental health

Digestion & gut health
Women's health
Body pain
Sleep & Energy

Main treatments

Checkup & Diagnosis

Bodywork, Tuina massage, Shiatsu
Herbal & Mushroom therapies
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Cupping & Gua Sha

Our mission

We dream of making complementary medicine more accessible and lifestyle to any individual looking for a more conscious, natural, personalized and durable way of healing.

This dream is coming to life everyday thanks to outstanding employed therapists who are all here to contribute to this vision and share their good energies.


How it works

Our treatment pods are unique and designed to be temples of mindfulness. Our medical team is fully committed to hold space for you and accompany you along your healing journey.

Quick online booking

Pick your symptom, desired treatment and an available consultation date in a few clicks and we will automatically allocate a therapist for you. In case you want a specific therapist mentioned in our About page, you can also book an appointment in her or his agenda.

Your journey starts

You will be received in a center mixing tradition with modernity for a unique holistic healing experience taking place in our mindfully designed treatment pods.

The journey starts with a complete diagnosis, an individual treatment plan and clarifies the goals you want to achieve.

Health monitoring

We systematically follow up on your recovery and prescribe you further sessions until your goals are reached.

Thanks to our internal data framework, we are able to "connect the dots" and improve our treatment efficiency based on your personal characteristics.

TCM is booming

TCM has a strong track-record in healing accross the globe. In Europe, more than 20 million patients are going regularly. The recognition and collaboration with Western doctors (known as integrative medicine) are intensifying.

Our first center in Zurich is open! Upcoming locations

Basel - Lucerne - Bern - Geneva - Lausanne - Zug - Berlin - Vienna

We aim at making TCM accessible to all accross Europe by creating unique holistic healing experiences in our modern centers and guided digital journeys to improve patient outcome.

The healing benefits of TCM

It is all about guiding you towards self-awareness of your own symptoms which are often deeply-rooted in your past, lifestyle habits and mental states.

Our TCM center in Zürich empowers you to examine the meaning of your experiences from different angles so that you become more aware of unconscious patterns of behaviour and perception.

At TCMZentrum, we are firm believers true healing comes through mindfulness and enlarged states of consciousness.

TCM allows the body and mind to find their own natural balance, thereby treating several symptoms at the same time.  We see the human body as a garden to cultivate and not as a machine whose parts need to be fixed.

TCM has a long-lasting impact as it tackles the roots of the symptoms in a natural way. When possible, this is done without the combination of chemical drugs which can sometimes mask the symptoms and provide quick fixes only.

TCM can be combined with your existing medical treatment in a more personalized way to help cure your chronic disorders or as a preventive care, in collaboration with your General Practitioner.

Basics of TCM

TCM requires a bit more patient collaboration compared to Western medicine. We will demistify TCM and provide you with high level knowledge so that you can integrate some principles in your healing journey.


Initial diagnosis

We generally start by analysing your pulse, tongue, skin, your verbal and non-verbal. We also ask you about your personal history, life habits (nutrition, sleep, mind, exercice, work) and social life to establish a diagnosis and highlight your individual patterns.


The 5 elements

The Chinese medicine, which is based on thousands of years of observation, uses the theory of the 5 elements or phases. The elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) describe the environment, psyche or physical manifestations. Each element can be assigned symptoms, functional circuits, personality traits and seasons.

We sometimes assign you to the elements during the diagnosis to help us structure the healing.


The treatment of the meridians

The body is composed of energy corridors called the "meridians" which can be unblocked, activated and reinforced.

When the energy flow is not in harmony any longer, it creates a set of undesired symptoms, like chronic diseases. Treatments like acupuncture, acupressure and tuina massage restore the energy flow.


The organs as functional circuits

We see the organs as functional circuits and work on them through the meridians, based on your diagnosis and the elements you belong to.

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