TCMZentrum is shaping the future of holistic medicine

A holistic health startup with a great ambition

Since the opening of our first center in October 2022, TCMZentrum aims at making Traditional Chinese Medicine more modern, accessible and lifestyle.

You will be received in uniquely designed treatment pods, located in a comfortable center connected to nature. The perfect place to experience holistic healing.

All our employed therapists are covered by complementary insurance and speak German or Swiss German fluently. They all graduated from Swiss TCM schools and offer a wide range of availability from 7am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday.

TCMZentrum is a pilot project of our company Holistiq Health Group AG which works on gathering all complementary medicine disciplines - TCM, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Osteopathy, Nutritition, Life and Health coaching - under the same roof with the support of data science and functional medicine. This in order to enable the most natural way of healing possible, for longer-lasting results.

Our future brand will integrate functional medicine into its treatments & recommendations: biomarkers and lifestyle data will enable us to give you personalized holistic health plans and improve your recovery speed and health outcome.

Discover our Team

From women's health to gut health and pain management, our team of practitioners has more than a century of practical experience combined and top Swiss academic studies.

All our therapists are covered by the Swiss complementary insurance groups like EMR and ASCA. As part of their education, they all attended more than 600 hours courses in biomedicine and anatomy.

Our corporate philosophy is to experience mindfulness at an individual level to be able to share it with the Team and our patients.

Daniel Hunecke

TCM, Herbal & Shiatsu Therapist

Growing upin Switzerland and Greece, Daniel studied philosophy and graduated in TCM in 2010 from Chiway Winterthur, where he also completed his training in Chinese Herbal Therapy in 2017.

In addition to his practice, he is very passionate about promoting the high quality of TCM in Switzerland as Co-President of the TCM Association Switzerland.

His specialty is the treatment of the digestive system as well as acute and chronic pain.

Daniel practices mindfulness while biking or with his olive trees.

Marianne Zinggeler

TCM. Herbal & Shiatsu Therapist

Marianne is a very experienced TCM therapist with more than 16 years experience in her own practice and as employed therapist.

As a mother of 3 children, always working and interested in continuous education and training, she knows exactly what it means to reconcile family, career and being a woman. Marianne is a specialist Women's health and family health. She is a A member at TCM Fachverband and is covered by all insurances.

Marianne graduate from the Naturopathy school in Lucerne.

Her mindfulness practices include consciously spending time with my children, reading, meditating, sports in nature, alternative healing methods like shamanism, English spiritualism such as channelling and trance healing.

Natascha Masiello

TCM Therapist

Since 2015, Natascha loves being a therapist sees it as her vocation, because she likes to help and is happy about every little improvement of the complaints and the returning smile of the patients after her treatments.

After 6-year TCM studies in Switzerland and further training in Bejjing China, she opened her own practice in Witikon 2 years ago.

As a happy mother, she also specialises in babies, children and pregnancy. Other specialities include rheumatic diseases, headaches, sleep disorders, pain, overweight and high blood pressure.

As a mindfulness practice, she likes to play the djembe and piano, dance African dance, listen to music, takes walks in the woods with her dog and travels with her family to get to know foreign cultures.

Carmen Roth

Naturopath TEN (Trad. European Naturopathy)

In 2021 Carmen successfully completed her training as a certified naturopath TEN.

Since the beginning, she has intensively studied the topic of intestinal health and has since completed courses and further training in this area.

Carmen's area of expertise is microbiome analysis, where she creates individual intestinal concepts and offers nutritional counseling. She is also able to identify systemic weaknesses by means of iris diagnosis and to derive therapeutic measures from this.

Anna-Maria Bonetto

TCM Therapist

Annamaria has graduated as Biomedical Engineering in 2006. After working internationally for more than 15 years in the sector of cardiology, anesthesia and intensive care she decided to embrace a new journey towards holistic medicine and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (at Chiway Academy for Asiatic Medicine) in Switzerland. She graduated in Acupuncture and Tuina in 2022.

Annamaria enjoys cooking healthy and tasteful dishes and loves sharing tips with her fellows. Movement in the nature and practice of presence in the here and now,  help her to recharge the batteries and pursue her life’s purpose.

Andreas Rutz

TCM & Mykotherapist

Andreas graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2010. After working for many years in this field to improve the environment for animals and plants, he decided to shift his focus towards enhancing human health.

After several years of learning Energy Work, he began to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at Chiway Academy Winterthur and successfully graduated in Acupuncture and Tuina in 2023. Additionally, he became a certified Mykotherapeut in 2022.

His specialization lies in the treatment of chronic pain, sports injuries, allergies, and digestive disorders.

Andreas practices mindfulness through playing multiple instruments like the Handpan, Guitar, and Piano. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as climbing and mushroom collecting.

Yvonne Meili

Naturopath TEM

Yvonne got interested in complementary medicine thanks to positive personal experiences.

After studying for 6 years, she successfully completed her training as a qualified naturopath in 2022 and has been fascinated by the effects of medicinal plants since the beginning of her training. Holistic health can often be supported with nutritional advice and cupping therapy.

She uses iris, tongue and pulse diagnoses to create customized therapy concepts. She is particularly skilled in the fields of gynecology, metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Yvonne likes to recharge her batteries in nature, whether in the nearby forest or by the distant sea.

Valerie Roth

TCM Therapist

As a trained medical practice assistant, Valerie has always been interested in being in contact with people and empathetically supporting them and their health. When she first came into contact with TCM in 2014, the desire grew in her to close the circle between western and eastern medicine as a therapist.

In 2022, Valerie was able to graduate in acupuncture and Tuina. She finds it very fulfilling to help people through holistic methods and is motivated to achieve therapeutic goals together. She is interested in the areas of acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, digestive disorders, sleep disorders and nutrition.

In her spare time, Valerie makes music and loves to travel. She finds it exciting to get to know other cultures and also likes to try out their healing methods. To stay balanced in everyday life, Valerie likes to run Vitaparcours. She listens to podcasts on topics such as mindfulness, manifesting, biohacking and nutrition.

Corinne Meili

TCM & Herbal Therapist

Corinne started her professional career 15 years ago when she graduated as an SPV podiatrist. Shortly after graduating, she discovered her passion for traditional Chinese medicine and completed her training as an acupuncturist in 2014.  This fully ignited her fire for alternative medicine, after which she obtained degrees in Tui-Na Massage, Chinese Medicinal Therapy and Human Design coaching. Corinne has been working in her own practice since 2016 and is also a regular examiner for the practical TCM exams.

Corinne's specialities are skin diseases, sleep disorders, gynaecology and the treatment of psycho-emotional concerns. In her spare time, Corinne finds balance in implementing various creative projects or in boxing training. She practices her mindfulness by reading books on personal development, listening to music and manifestation practices.

Larysa Zwald

TCM & Herbal Therapist

Larysa, a native of Ukraine with basic medical training, has several years of medical experience. The secrets of Chinese medicine have always been her dream and in 2007 she graduated from the Tao Chi School (all 5 pillars of Chinese medicine) in Switzerland. Larysa's knowledge enables her to understand Western diagnoses well and then apply the best alternative treatments of Chinese Medicine. Her special areas are musculoskeletal, mental and emotional disorders, allergies and childhood diseases. Larysa uses the following treatments: acupuncture, Tui-Na massage and herbal recipes. Her speciality is cupping in various ways.

Her mindfulness practices include sports, meditation, walking the dog, or reading a good book. Simply everything that brings body and mind into harmony.

Dr. med. Julian Weingärtner

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Julian is a radiation oncologist at the Charité in Berlin. Through his work with cancer patients, he recognized the importance of a more holistic approach and sees promising potential in complementary medicine treatments for health maintenance.

He is involved in integrative oncology and conducts research in this field. He is currently conducting a large-scale prospective study to improve personalized therapies for patients with head and neck cancer using artificial intelligence. Overall, he believes that modern data science should be incorporated more into complementary medicine treatments to further establish their evidence.

Julian practices mindfulness through yoga, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and sports.

Jamil Odeh

Co-founder & Chief Complementary Medicine Officer, TCM Teacher, TCM & Herbal Therapist

For almost 20 years Jamil has been working in healthcare. Working as a certified nurse and expert in emergency nursing NDS HF in various acute hospitals and emergency centers have paved the way for him to become a TCM therapist.

His TCM studies Jamil completed with great passion at the Chiway Academy in Winterthur, where he is now a lecturer and head of the Chiway Student Clinic.

The joy and knowledge of holistic healing methods to share with his fellows greatly fulfill him. His specialties are psychosomatic, cardiovascular, men's health, urology and pain management. To this end, he clever combining various acupuncture techniques with guasha, Chinese medicines and vital mushrooms.

He enjoys practicing mindfulness in everyday life, in nature, with his son, cooking and enjoying food, yoga, sports and under the cold shower.

Eric Laudet

Founder & CEO

Since 15 years, Eric has the purpose to revolutionize healthcare by integrating the medical experience into people's lifestyle. Chronic disorders of all sorts can be best healed through a holistic patient journey. Complementary therapies and biomedical science should work hand in hand to improve patient outcome - always allowing the power of the body an mind to restore themselves.

As a serial entrepreneur, healthcare investor and biohacker, Eric has met with hundreds of key shapers from the healthcare field, therapists, doctors, and has daily exchanges with patients to challenge the status quo.

Eric graduated in 2011 with a Master in Management from ESCP Business School and holds various entrepreneurship awards.

His mindfulness practices include Hridaya meditation, Hatha Yoga, cold exposure, high intensity sports and lucid dreaming.

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