How much do you actually pay?

Most of our patients end up paying on average only 10%* of our consultation price which is
regulated by the health authorities:

Treatment cost of our therapists: CHF 156.- per hour:

CHF 140.- are reimbursed by your insurance

Only CHF 16.- are paid from your own pocket

These prices are valid for all treatment methods with the exception the CBD-augmented therapies which have a price increase of CHF 50.- (not insurance covered)

How do complementary insurances work in Switzerland?

Every individual based in Switzerland has a mandatory basic health insurance which:

does not cover all your medical expenses and

works with a franchise system: you have to cross a certain threshold of expenses in order to be reimbursed!

But with the COMPLEMENTARY (or SUPPLEMENTAL) insurance system, there is generally NO
franchise and you are covered from day 1, sometimes for an unlimited amount.

We recommend anyone interested in complementary medicine to subscribe to a complementary
insurance. It’s a small premium you pay every month, but largely compensated by the generous
coverage (no franchise, no maximum insured amount) the insurance groups can offer, in case you
have chronic disorders which conventional medicine fails to solve alone.

What is the next step if you don’t have a complementary insurance yet?

Ask one of the following insurances to send you a complementary medicine offer without franchise –
it generally takes 2 weeks to be activated and it will be valid for a minimum of 1 year!

Our patients love Helsana ("Completa Extra") and Groupe Mutuel ("Sana Tel, Global Solutions") as they offer a very generous coverage. The Helsana insurance covers 100% of your complementary medicine costs without franchise.

There is also no need to ask your insurance if our therapists are covered:
because at TCMZentrum they all are!

Any question, we are here to guide you through the process:
or by phone 044 201 33 20.

*The percentage reimbursed, the franchise, or the annual maximum amount covered depend of course on your insurance. The 10% mentioned here are for illustration purpose based on what Groupe Mutuel offers to our existing patients.